Beyoncé's New Video For 'Love On Top'


The music video for Beyoncé’s latest, “Love On Top,” hit the web today, and in what is sure to fuel the fire of idiot speculators who cannot comprehend that perhaps she filmed the video before the whole baby thing, B is sans-bump. featured B without her baby bump. That said — and I’m not trying to perpetuate the bizarre fixation on whether or not she’s really pregnant — it does seem a bit counter-intuitive (or at least chronologically out of order) to release this flat-tummied video after the video for “Countdown,” which prominently featured The Mom-To-Be dancing with her visible bump. (NOT THAT IT MEANS ANYTHING. Because it doesn’t. It just felt briefly anachronistic.)

That nonsense inside, the video for “Love On Top” is an enjoyable tribute to the days of simply performing with a mic stand, and also to the boy bands of yesteryear. Hopefully recognition of the video’s quality — and, hell, the quality of all of her work from here on out — isn’t lost in the aforementioned clamor.

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