Big Balls, Boobs, Aniston, Sudeikis: We're the Millers NSFW Trailer


Here’s the red band trailer for We’re the Millers, the road trip movie about a collection of American misfits that transforms itself into what it thinks the All-American family should look like (satire abounds) in order to transport oodles of marijuana across the Mexican border at the behest of a deranged orca-collector played by Ed Helms. I get the distinct sense that they put all the funniest jokes into the trailer.

Still, Jason Sudeikis is in it. So is a swinging Nick Offerman, along with Emma Roberts. And some kid has his testicles gnashed by a tarantula, which somehow manages to be the funniest genital sight-gag since There’s Something About Mary. Ah, the simple pleasures of grotesque physical comedy.

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