Big Freedia's Lady Gaga Cover Is More New Orleans Bounce Than Judas


Let Freedia reimagine every album ever: Big Freedia brings her chaotic New Orleans bounce energy to Lady Gaga’s “Judas,” making the song more Freedia than Judas, and I love it, but they’d take away my crawfish access back home if I ever besmirched the Queen of Louisiana.-Emily Alford

Go girl give us something: Tommy Genesis, “Peppermint” – Tommy Genesis, the voice behind the best song of 2018, “100 Bad,” is back I guess. It’s fine! This song sounds like something you’ve heard too many times and also not in a long time. It’s as if Space Cowboy sold all those unreleased demos post-Lady Gaga to whoever the immediate buyer was. In fact, this sounds exactly like a Nadia Oh song—although, I’d rather go listen to Nadia Oh now.

Let’s do that now. —Joan Summers

Leal pero no pendeja: Bad Bunny & Luar La L, “100 Millones” – One of the best qualities of Bad Bunny’s music is that it feels new and exciting while also transporting listeners back to a time of high school basement parties, grinding on your teenage crush until someone’s parents flicker the lights and send everyone home at a respectable hour. This song unfortunately does none of that. The slowed-down lyrics and “baby’s first 808″ level beat feel like a poorly produced cross between Bad Bunny and someone who thought they were writing a song for Lil Nas X. – Shannon Melero

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