Big Mouth's Hormonal Heroes Get Stuck in Deep Shit in Season 2


In the minute-long Season 2 trailer for Big Mouth—Netflix’s puberty-positive animated series—our tween protagonists Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), Nick Birch (Nick Kroll), Missy (Jenny Slate), Jay Bilzerian (Jason Mantzoukas) and Jessi Glaser (Jessi Klein) get swallowed whole by their hormone monsters.

Big Mouth has a reputation for delighting in its depictions of all the gross shit that comes with adolescence, so it only makes sense that in Season 2, the team of pint-size heroes would, well, become a number two. Let’s face it, poop is evergreen—Season 2 of American Vandal, a Netflix show that parodies true crime, went a similar route with its recently teased villain “The Turd Burglar.”

The Big Mouth trailer begins with Coach Steve (also voiced by Nick Kroll) teaching a health class and pronouncing “fallopian tubes” as “Ethiopian tubes”; the hormone monsters then rip the roof off the building and devour our kids. What happens next is certainly yucky and I’m sure it’s only going to get more freaky come October 5, when the season premieres.

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