Big Sad Emu Disrupts Florida Traffic Because He Wants a Girlfriend


The morning drive for a group of Cape Canaveral, Florida commuters was recently disrupted thanks to the amorous longing of one very gigantic bird. Taco, an emu and exotic pet of a suburban Cape Canaveral resident, had escaped his enclosure and took to rampaging the highway for reasons the owner says are related to heat and mating season. Unable to find a lady emu to bestow his sexual skillz on, Taco found himself drawn to the motor vehicles on the road, particularly motorcycles. Don’t blame him — he’s a nice boy; he’s just confused!

Or maybe not. Maybe Taco, a wild bird of the Australian outback, just wasn’t ready to settle into this humdrum suburban life. Maybe he wanted to shake things up a bit — get with Harley Davidson or two — before resigning himself to domesticity. Taco has a song of freedom in his bird heart. It’s a song we’ve all longed to sing, but maybe we haven’t been brave enough to do it.

Run free, sweet Taco. You run for all of us.

Exotic, lovelorn bird holds up traffic [CNN]

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