‘Bikini Bridge' Is the Latest Arbitrary Thinspo Craze–And It's a Lie


Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I wonder if I am actually living this life or if it is simply one virtual-joke reality trolled into existence by 4-Chan. The latest prank by the internet /b/utthole /b/rigade seems to follow the sequence of events in the saga of obsessive social media body image trends: the bikini bridge. Listen, the bikini bridge is not a new concept/aspect of people’s bodies, but in the last few days, #bikinibridge has been tweeted and Instagrammed like it was brunch or a cat with a speech impediment. And we owe it all to 4Chan, meaning there’s no real reason behind it besides causing some fuckin’ ruckus.

It’s a sinister and clever way to simply use the perpetual cycle of thinspo fads to prey on the personal and vulnerable issue of body image. And unfortunately, though predictably, it’s kind of working. #BikiniBridge is the new #ThighGap. While it sucks that social media is buying into another set of standards of the stereotypically acceptable form of skinny beauty/health/fitness, it definitely does highlight how yet another meaningless physical attribute of the human body can easily become subject to celebration, scrutiny, and everything in between.

I guess if they really wanted to fuck some shit up, they would have proliferated images of (gasp!) average women instead of one form of mostly white, hairless, skinny women. But instead 4Chan just tried to troll everyone with the status quo.

Well, whatever, anyone can have a bikini (tied arch) bridge if they grow their pubes out enough. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before we forget about the bridge and start pinning the next hot thinspo craze, #armpitlabia.

Image: 4Chan via Daily Dot

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