Bill O'Reilly Mocks Homeless Black People in Worst Fox News Segment Ever


Fox News is a scourge upon common sense, decency and our nation in general. For the most part, we’ve all grown accustomed to their fact twisting and general bullshittery, so you know it’s a special day when one must pause and say: Wow, that’s bad even for Fox.

As part of a segment where Bill O’Reilly makes shit up about New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Fox News sent a baby-faced reporter down to the bowels of Penn Station to mock homeless people and scare children. Seriously.

Jesse Watters—who looks like the result of a shameful one night stand between a Brooks Brothers suit and a copy of Atlas Shrugged—tried to make some vague connection between homelessness and Bill DeBlasio during what was frankly, one of the most unhinged things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Watters putters around Penn Station asking scared-looking white people leading questions like, “Does it affect you psychologically when you see homeless people in and out of this area?”

He strolls the grounds of what Fox will have you believe is the new tent city gleefully explaining that those who loiter, sleep and panhandle in the station should be kicked out, fined or thrown in jail.

For a nice little cherry on this shit sundae, every homeless person he interviews is black because of course they are. Watters adds the nice detail of never looking these people directly in the eye. Instead, he stares above their heads as he asks them invasive, condescending questions while I assume he zones out and visualizes his future in hell.

O’Reilly argues that with police being fearful of “being proactive on the job,” homelessness in the city has skyrocketed. Another possible explanation: Bill O’Reilly and Fox News only recently began seeing the homeless as actual human beings because it now suits their deranged narrative. As Crooks and Liars notes, DeBlasio’s policies are actually addressing the problem of family homelessness in the city.

In perhaps the most sickening part of the entire piece, Fox attempts to frame the homeless as nothing more than drunks, drug addicts and prostitutes who have the option—nay, the privilege—of sleeping in Penn Station without police interference. The sane among us just call that human fucking decency.

Oh yeah, and Watters also interviewed an actual child and asked her the question: “When you’re here and you see homeless people in Penn Station, how do you react?”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Jessie Watters: “There’s plenty of money to deal with this. They have a $78 billion budget in New York. Why can’t we get these guys in really plush homeless shelters? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Nothing about any of this makes any sense. That, we can agree on, Watters.

I have to congratulate Fox News for this incorrect and high offensive display of privilege, delusion and vile decision-making. Good luck sinking any lower than this.

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