Firerose Accuses Billy Ray Cyrus of Filing for Divorce Day Before Double Mastectomy

Firerose had a double mastectomy scheduled for May 24. But Cyrus sent her divorce papers on May 23 and also sent family members to remove her from their shared home.

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Firerose Accuses Billy Ray Cyrus of Filing for Divorce Day Before Double Mastectomy

Welp, it’s been about a month since the death of true love. In May, Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, filed for divorce from now-estranged wife Firerose, 36, after seven long, apparently grueling months of marriage. This week, People obtained court documents filed by Firerose from earlier this month, rebutting some of the claims Cyrus made about her when he filed for divorce. Firerose also accuses Cyrus of emotional abuse as well as “[ambushing]” her with divorce papers just one day before her scheduled double mastectomy procedure.

Firerose—a name that is probably never going to feel normal to type out—learned she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation in 2020, and, facing an increased likelihood of developing breast cancer, she heeded doctors’ advice to undergo a double mastectomy scheduled for May 24. But, according to her legal complaint, not only did Cyrus send her divorce papers on May 23, but he also sent his brother and sister-in-law to harass and try to remove her from the former couple’s shared home. “Wife relied on Husband’s promises to pay for her surgery, and Husband has now repudiated that promise,” the court documents read. “On the day Wife was set to get her surgery, she was instead searching for a place to live and under a significant amount of emotional distress.”

Even before May 23, Firerose accuses Cyrus of sowing “chaos” in their home and “continuously [launching] verbal assaults” against her. In Cyrus’ petition for a divorce last month, he cited irreconcilable differences as well as inappropriate marital conduct as the reason for the divorce. He also sought an annulment on the grounds of fraud. But in her court filing reviewed by People this week, Firerose denied any inappropriate marital conduct, and instead accused Cyrus of causing her to feel “unsafe” living with him:

“Wife was the victim of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. Wife was subjected to Husband’s persistent drug use accompanied with the consumption of marijuana which made Husband unpredictable and volatile towards Wife.”

In the same complaint, Firerose accuses Cyrus of punishing her by attempting to sabotage her career:

“The accumulation of years of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, combined with the fact that Husband has had a direct hand in restricting Wife’s access to income and future opportunities, Wife has developed severe emotional distress from Husband’s actions… Wife has had to seek psychological treatment from her therapist for emergency sessions on more than one occasion.”

The complaint also claims that Cyrus “would often call [Firerose] a ‘selfish fucking bitch’ and continually alleged that she was using him.” Just last week, Cyrus requested a temporary restraining order to bar Firerose from accessing his credit cards and bank accounts, maintaining that she defrauded and used him for his money; on Thursday, People reported that a source says he feels “beyond deceived” by Firerose. It’s certainly interesting for the world’s foremost nepo father to accuse someone else of using him, but alas!

All of this is concerning and messy as hell, and frankly, just compounds with all the other mess the Cyrus family has been embroiled in since at least 2022—when Cyrus and ex-wife Tish first separated, and Cyrus began dating Firerose shortly after. Of course, post-divorce life has hardly been a walk in the meadow for Tish, either—not since reports that her husband Dominic Purcell had a fling with her daughter Noah before Purcell and Tish’s wedding last summer, creating an ongoing, understandable mother-daughter rift. I truly wish everyone in this family whose name isn’t Billy Ray Cyrus a summer of healing.

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