Noah Cyrus Is Seemingly Mad at Miley Cyrus, and Maybe Even Joe Rogan?

A country-pop power house divided! Tensions within the Cyrus household seem to be mounting.

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Noah Cyrus Is Seemingly Mad at Miley Cyrus, and Maybe Even Joe Rogan?
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Over the years, Miley Cyrus has done a number of questionable things. So it shouldn’t surprise me that the woman who’s described herself as having “hardcore feminist vibes” (rock on, girl!) once guested on The Joe Rogan Experience. As retribution for spending an afternoon chit-chatting with vaccine-doubting Fear Factoristo, Joe Rogan, in September 2020, Miley’s now found herself in some familial drama with her sister, Noah Cyrus. I ask, how much more can the Cyrus family take?!

Over three years ago now, Miley was on Rogan’s podcast to promote her 2020 album Plastic Hearts when Rogan asked about her relationship with her younger sister, Noah. “She’s got a record out that I love called The End of Everything… and it’s the most depressing EP you’ll ever listen to,” Miley said, calling the then 20-year-old Noah “an emo kid.” Miley then quoted a lyric from the song “Young and Sad,” that goes “My sister’s like sunshine, it’ll follow her wherever she goes/But I’m more like a raincloud,” eluding to the fact that Noah perhaps has a hard time living in her shadow. “She’s really got this idea of me,” Miley, who is seven years older than Noah, said.

“Maybe [Noah] needs to go to the doctor,” Rogan, who again, said young people don’t need to get the vaccine, offered. Thank you, Joe.

Then, just this week, Noah Cyrus either came across this clip on TikTok for the first time or has been holding onto a record-breaking grudge and commented “the disrespect in this video…” It’s not entirely clear who Noah is suggesting is disrespectful, Joe or Miley, or of course, perhaps both. But it does seem a hell of a lot more likely that sisters would be feuding rather than a 23-year-old goth with bleached eyebrows and a 56-year-old who pushes supplements on his podcast. Right?

The comment also adds to growing speculation of tensions within the Cyrus household. Last month, when Cyrus matriarch, Tish Cyrus married Prison Break star Dominic Purcell, Noah and brother Braison Cyrus notably did not attend. Meanwhile, Miley was a bridesmaid! Then this past weekend, Billy Ray Cyrus married a woman whose full name seems to be Firerose. He wore his hair in pigtails, which is neither here nor there but certainly noteworthy! It’s not clear if any kids were in attendance at that wedding. Certainly, none of them acknowledged it online in any way. Billy Ray and Firerose must have…and please excuse me…had to buy themselves flowers. (Sorry.)

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