Blake Lively Frighteningly Wants to 'Spit Out a Litter of Kids'


Marie Claire’s upcoming September cover story on lifestyle shamaness Blake Lively cuts right to the hard-hitting questions—namely “Do you seriously want 30 kids of your own?” The answer may shock you. I mean, it probably won’t BUT IT JUST MIGHT.

After quickly giving the reader a rundown of what she’s eating (10 flavors of chic-ass ice cream), her composure (more than that of her Gossip Girl character), and her fundraising expertise (Gucci?), they dive right into the meat of her identity. They basically asked her if she was serious about the claim she made in Allure about wanting 30 kids of her own. Her response?

“I gotta get started. If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.”

While the idea of having a large family scares the shit out of me, this is probably the best possible turn of phrase regarding the matter. And I’m pretty sure, it has happened before. In Greek mythology. Cronus the Titan totally vommed out like six kids and a rock he was tricked into thinking was Zeus! But this was after swallowing them all whole first.

So what I’m really trying to say is, there’s your answer Blake.

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