Bomb Threat That Closed Federal Courthouse Turned Out To Be a Vibrator


Talk about explosive pleasure.

This is probably one of my favorite stories at the moment. The Edward J. Schwarz United States Courthouse in San Diego was evacuated Thursday morning after someone reported a suspicious-looking egg-shaped electronic device with a cord attached. The fire department was called in, and federal officers closed off the area while a bomb squad investigated the questionable item.

Well, it didn’t take very long for the bomb squad to realize that the device was a sex toy (probably a run-of-the-mill love egg) and the area was re-opened to the public within an hour. The toy was never claimed. Sigh, I have so many questions.

  • Who brings a sex toy to a court house?
  • Is it normal to bring sex toys to work with you in general?
  • Did a woman/man report the bomb threat because he simply didn’t know what it was?
  • Did a woman/man report the bomb threat because s/he knew exactly what it was but thought it might be weird if someone noticed her/him noticing it and figured out that s/he knew it was a vibrator and HELLO YES I’D LIKE TO REPORT A SUSPICIOUS VIBRATO—ER, BOMB.
  • Aren’t love eggs with cords a little outdated now?
  • What if you use a wireless love egg and it gets stuck up in there?
  • Is there someone out there who just really misses her/his love egg?

[h/t Reddit]

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