Bon Jovi Sings Living On a Prayer With Taylor Swift and Prince William


TAYLOR IS SO INTO IT — she can barely stop herself from grabbing the mike and going fucking crazy on that song. Prince William, on the other hand, is more content to let Bon Jovi shine. That’s his way. (For the record, both reactions are totally understandable.)

Here’s all you need to know: on Monday night, Prince William hosted the Winter Whites Gala to benefit youth homelessness charity Centrepoint. At this gala, Prince William and Taylor Swift got on stage and served as backup singers to Bon Jovi.

These are the times we live in. They are amazing times, indeed.

I need footage of the entire song — I am hoping one of our brilliant commenters has a way to massage it out of the bowels of the Internet. Don’t let me down; I’m living on a prayer over here.

Photo via Getty

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