BoneDigger The Lion Loves Milo The Dachshund And I Am DEAD


Everyone please stahp everything you are doing right now and just watch this video of BoneDigger the lion and his best bud, Milo the dachshund.

OK, I have no idea how this possibly could happen, considering our neighbors’ cats sit in our yard all day hissing at my dog every time she even comes near a window, but apparently, BoneDigger (who has the greatest name ever for a lion) is pals with little Milo.

This is one of those awesome super special animal friendships your eight-year-old self imagines when you’ve read one too many Richard Scarry books. Via Yahoo:

The lion and the wiener dog have been buddies since they were babies. When the lion was just a cub, he came to the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Okla., with a bone disease that made it hard for him to walk.
Joe Schreibvogel, the zoo’s Entertainment Director, who lives on the zoo grounds, took the lion cub into his house and raised him, along with his litter of dachshund puppies. As the video shows, the two learn to get along at an early age. And it’s adorable. The two played together, ate together and, now, spend their days together.

Attention, Team Dog and Team Cat: WE HAVE REACHED A STRAINED, RESPECTFUL DETANTE FOR THE TIME BEING. (This is sort of like All Quiet On The Western Front, except with an adorable doggie and a lion.)

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