Bored Jeffree Star, Alone in His Haunted Castle, Reignites Beef With James Charles

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Bored Jeffree Star, Alone in His Haunted Castle, Reignites Beef With James Charles

Before I begin, let me first take the solemn oath of Jeffree Star: I am rich, I am successful, I am hot, my ass is tight, I live in a big mansion, and my makeup company is worth more than you and your entire life. But most importantly, I am in my own lane, and way above the drama, sweetie. Good, now that I’ve got the formalities out of the way, I have a brief message from Jeffree Star himself: Fuck James Charles!

On the the latest episode of Mom’s Basement—hosted by chaos agents and servants of the underworld FaZe Banks, Killer Keemstar, and Colossal—Jeffree Star charbroiled a long-dead beef that had been lying abandoned on the grill for almost a year. Yep, the makeup mogul fixated his gaze onto James Charles, and the multiple allegations that he is a “predator.” Star must be getting bored in that big, haunted mansion of his!

Quick catch-up: Last year, makeup mogul Tati Westbrook uploaded a 40-minute video that tore the internet apart, in which she denounced James’s social-climbing habits and allegedly “predatory” actions. James swiftly responded, and the two were locked in a cycle of repeatedly uploading rebuttals and corrections. Enter Jeffree Star, who rather unhelpfully inserted himself in the middle of it, claiming Charles was a “danger to society.” Eventually, though, everyone involved began to look like an opportunist and fraud, so the involved parties quickly issued their apologies and moved on with their lives.

Until, that is, Jeffree crawled out of the crypt he sleeps in to stir the pot some more. Here’s what he had to say on Mom’s Basement, when asked about prior allegations of James’s predatory behavior:

“The truth is that someone—and right now, I legally can’t say who—someone told us a few things and we trusted that person’s opinion and then another person said some things that was friends with that man and it really convinced us that he was a predator. At the end of the day, I’m not going to out a victim of James Charles.”

It didn’t stop there! Jeffree kept on digging that grave, continuing:

Tati uploaded a 40-minute video about him and she should have never uploaded that, but she did, and for some reason, James thinks that me and [Shane Dawson] tried to ruin his life and orchestrated the whole thing? Like we fucking care! You think we care to drag or ruin someone, for what? We’re our own superstars, we’re our own lane, we’re doing our own thing together and we’ve made so much magic, why would we ever want to bring someone down? We don’t give a fuck.”

My wish is that James Charles and Tati would ignore the internet completely today, so they can spare us a redux of their crusty old beef. But when have YouTubers ever made rational decisions? [Just Jared]

Kristen Cavallari wants to buy her house and also move away from her house, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Confusing, right? Here’s what’s transpired since last we checked on this unhappily undivorced reality television star: Last year, when her marriage to Jay Cutler began to crumble, Cavallari went house shopping. She expected a split, and likely wanted out of their current residence before things exploded. Eventually, however, they gave it a second chance and she dropped the house search. Their reconciliation lasted mere months before both were back to arguing.

As previously reported, she filed documents seeking primary custody of the children. Additional documents obtained by TMZ claim Cutler is refusing to leave their home, and Cavallari says he has made it a toxic living environment. Documents show she is looking for the judge to open up the couple’s assets so she can resume her house hunt. Godspeed! [TMZ]


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