Bottomless Brunches Are Illegal and Now Happiness Is Dead


Guys, this might be your final weekend for happiness. No really, I’m serious. The NYC Hospitality Alliance has highlighted a somewhat hidden restaurant rule. On what, you ask? Kitchen cleanliness? No. Rats? Nope. Bottomless brunches? YES. That’s right, those unlimited deals — on mimosas and Bloody Marys (and whiskey drinks at the swanky joints) — that make Sundays in New York so fun are actually against the law. What’s that? Oh, just the sound of your weekend buzz dying.

Recently there has been press about restaurants around New York City that offer bottomless brunches or unlimited drink offers. In most cases, these type of promotions are UNLAWFUL according to the NYS Liquor Authority (SLA).


Essentially, according to the Alliance, who is merely translating the law, restauranteurs are prohibited from “selling, serving, delivering or offering to patrons an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price.” And yes, this law also includes your favorite club’s ladies night where the drink specials let you party off all those TPS reports you filed so someone else could throw them away. Club drink specials are breaking the law too, and I’m guessing this will ruin all New Year’s Eve party planning. How else will restaurants entice us to hunker down with them for four hours? Boo.

Apparently the only drink specials that are legal are two-for-ones and discounts that aren’t more than half price. So, bring your flask to brunch ladies, because Eater thinks a crackdown is on the horizon and shit’s about to get real.

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