Boy With Down Syndrome Voted Homecoming King


We usually only hear about high school kids when they’re bullying each other or sexting themselves silly, but in a welcome change of pace, a students at Urbana High School in Maryland did something lovely for a classmate. Earlier this fall, Caitie Cyr created a Facebook page urging students to elect Kevin Schombert, a student with Down syndrome, homecoming king. She wrote:

“Kevin lives, breathes and bleeds Urbana Hawk Blue. Plus, he has a contagious smile! … Let our legacy be more than championships, let’s do something that will make us all feel good. NOMINATE KEVIN SCHOMBERT HOMECOMING KING 2011!!!”

Schombert won the election and was crowned this weekend. Caitie’s mother says, “By the time his name was read, the entire home side of the stadium was chanting his name.”

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