Brilliantly Litigious Man Makes Living By Suing Spammers


Fed up with the constant barrage of email promising to increase the size of his genitals, San Francisco resident Daniel Balsam did what any fucking brilliant person would do: he quit his job and sued the spamming bastards.

It’s estimated that over 90% of email is spam, and Balsam, along with his website ( fight the companies that flout anti-spam laws. Since starting his awesome endeavor, he’s racked up over $1 million in settlements from those who would purport to EXTEND MY SEXUAL ENERGY or GROW MY BREASTS SAFELY, NATURALLY.

Critics say he’s an opportunist playing the system to make an easy buck, but Dan Balsam says he’s just doing his part to help keep the internet clean.

Good on you, Dan Balsam. I wish I’d thought of it first.

Man Quits Job, Makes Living Suing Spammers [The Daily Caller]

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