British Dairy Company Introduces A Boy Band That Wants To Do You On A Tractor


British dairy company Yeo Valley Dairy thought it would be a great idea to run an advertisement that’s two minutes long and features their very own house brand boy band.

The boys go by the name of “Churned” and yeah, they wanna do you in a field, on a tractor —wherever you want— and yeah, it’d be cool if you were eating organic yogurt at some point, too.

I watched this video a few times and after a while, one of the guys seemed to be speaking to me directly, which may or may not be a part of this musical marketing campaign but I thought I’d tell you what he said, in case you heard it too:

“Hey, girl.

Oh, me? I’m in a band. Which band? Oh, we’re called “Churned”. Why you laughing, girl?

Yeah, we’re on iTunes. The song’s called “Forever” and it’s mad good. It’s even in the latest Yeo Valley organic dairy musical marketing campaign. That’s right, girl. Residuals. Mad residuals.

Lyrical highlights include, “Family farming has been the driving factor/Plow into the future aboard a shiny tractor.” And this epic line: “Listen up, people, take after me/Be a little funny, choose the West Country.”

I wrote that line about plowing, girl and if you think that’s one of those double entendre things then girl, you cute AND smart.

So call me, gorgeous. I have a lifetime supply of yogurt in my fridge.”

British Organic Dairy Milks It With Insufferable Boy Band You’ll sour on these guys fast [AdWeek]

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