Britney and Iggy Are Totally Rad BFFs in the 'Pretty Girls' Video


The video for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s summer fun song “Pretty Girls” has just touched down. If you know anything about Barbie or aliens (two things that go hand in hand), then you won’t be that surprised by the visuals.

Iggy Azalea plays a very convincing human-like extraterrestrial, and Britney is appropriately campy throughout the video, which was co-directed by Iggy and Cameron Duddy. The whole thing is a tribute to the ’80s flick Earth Girls Are Easy, which I’ve never seen…

So to me, it’s just a big ol’ Barbie World explosion with tons of pink stuff.

Looking very Real Housewives of Barbie World, Brit is seen chilling in her yard doing an at-home manicure at night while groovin’ to some tunes.

Suddenly a spaceship comes through and splashes into her pool, delivering none other than Iggy Azalea.

From the depths, Iggy emerges. Brit’s been lonely, y’all. She’s excited to have a new friend.

Like, seriously very excited.

Britney plays dress up with Iggy and gives her a makeover. Lots of subliminal messaging here. Stay woke.

Evil lurking.

Never leave the house without what? [All together now] A blow dryer. So they’re headed to a car wash and “We’re just so pretty!” is what they’re thinking/singing on the way there.

Wonder what this is implying…

Iggy uses her alien powers to turn the water pink. Wait… ohhhhh! Lol! I get it. Sexual.

Time for a dance breakdown. Brit’s patchwork jeans and leopard crop top need to be discussed.

It wouldn’t be a Britney Spears video without this move.

After Iggy uses her alien powers to make an ATM spew out cash, Brit and her friends plot a girls’ night.

Iggy also uses her “radical alien powers” to turn a big old ugly cellular phone into a big old ugly Samsung phone.


Britney turns into Paris Hilton for a quick second.

They go clubbing. They dance. The guy to the right attempts to do something.

There’s another Britney dance sequence.

But alas, it’s time for Iggy to go. Get outta here. Get out. Britney is meanwhile so excited to be taken to a far away planet. She is basking in this spaceship light.

Image via screenshots/Vevo

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