Britney Spears’ Lawyer Says Her Dad Is Trying to ‘Intimidate’ Her With a ‘Revenge Deposition’

A wise person once advised the world to leave Britney alone. Jamie Spears should give it a try.

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Britney Spears’ Lawyer Says Her Dad Is Trying to ‘Intimidate’ Her With a ‘Revenge Deposition’
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Britney Spears is a free woman—able to marry her longtime boyfriend without having to invite a single person who shares her last name to the wedding. But though the conservatorship she lived under for 13 years is dead, it’s still not entirely buried, thanks in part to her dear old dad Jamie Spears, who is amping up the legal battle by trying to force his daughter to be deposed.

“Mr. Spears refuses to simply go away, as he should and as any decent man or father would do,” Matthew Rosengart, Spears’ attorney wrote in new legal filings. “He now, with no legitimate, good-faith basis, seeks to take a sham deposition of his daughter, all in an effort to upset and intimidate her.”

At this point, the father-daughter legal battle is largely about money. Even though the conservatorship is in the rearview—and even though he was suspended from his role as her conservator before it ended—Jamie wants Britney to keep on paying his legal fees. But Britney alleges that, over his years as her conservator, Jamie helped himself to over $6 million from her estate, and her lawyer has suggested that Jamie just used that big pile of cash to pay his own bills. She also has said that her dad misused her money for his expenses and unrelated legal fees to the tune of around $30 million, and has accused him of being abusive and of spying on her.

In addition to seeking cash for his legal fees, Jamie accused Britney of embarking on a “social media campaign to sully his name,” Variety reported, and wants to question her under oath about those public remarks—a “revenge deposition,” as Rosengart put it in a filing asking that the court swat down Jamie’s deposition request.

In paperwork filed in April, Rosengart argued that “a decent father, a father who truly loved his daughter…would place his daughter’s interests above his own.”

“Such a father would show grace and decency and cease and desist from bullying and harassing his daughter,” he added. “Even if he disagreed with the evidence concerning the trauma and abuse she endured… this is what a ‘loving,’ ‘protective’ father would do.” Strong points, Matthew!

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