Britney Spears’s Ex-Husband Was Reportedly Armed With a Knife When He Tried to Crash Her Wedding [Updated]

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office has filed an emergency order of protection against Spears's first husband, Jason Alexander.

Britney Spears’s Ex-Husband Was Reportedly Armed With a Knife When He Tried to Crash Her Wedding [Updated]
Photo:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Update 6/9/22: TMZ reports that the story of Jason Alexander’s attempt to storm Britney Spears’s wedding may have been even more frightening than it first appeared: According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, he was armed with a knife at the time of his arrest. Authorities have filed an emergency order of protection against Alexander, who was arrested for battery, vandalism, and trespassing.

Britney Spears surprised the world Thursday morning when it was announced that she was getting married today to her longtime beau, Sam Asghari, today.

After years of legal battles over her conservatorship and the resulting public feud with many of her family members—Spears’s parents and sister were reportedly not invited to the nuptials—there was always a chance that one of the many garbage people in the pop icon’s life would do something to disrupt her big day. But it looks like shit might have really hit the fan, and the culprit isn’t even one of her blood-sucking family members. Instead, it’s Spears’s ex-husband—nope, not Kevin Federline, but her hometown friend Jason Alexander (not the actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld, try to stay with me here), who was infamously married to the star for just 55 hours in 2004.

According to TMZ, Alexander attempted to crash the event while streaming video live to his Instagram followers:

Jason went live on Instagram Thursday as he approached event security — telling him Britney had invited him — and that she was his first and only wife, and he was going to crash the event before some kind of physical struggle. Alexander’s phone then freezes up.
Somehow, Alexander was able to make it inside Britney’s home, where he continued to live stream. He was eventually restrained outside.We’re told the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department responded for a trespassing call, and are still on the scene.

The outlet also has a shocking photo that purportedly shows Alexander on the ground, being restrained by a man wearing what looks like a walkie-talkie.

The video of the alleged wedding crashing no longer appears to be among the stories on Alexander’s Instagram, but the account does feature him (or someone who looks a lot like him) discussing Spears and her conservatorship, and implying that those close to the star—including Asghari—are bad actors.

“…Sam Asghari, all his sisters, everyone in his family, Bryan Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lynn Spears, Jamie Spears, everybody that’s been associated with Britney in the last 20 years, even me—let’s do an investigation on me also,” he says in the most recent post. Crashing her wedding is one way to get his wish, I guess?

Just when you think this woman has been through enough.

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