Broad City's Season 3 Premiere Brings on the Potty Humor, and it's Perfect


As the opening scene of the third season opener hinted at when it was leaked a day before Broad City’s February 17 premiere, “Two Chainz” serves as a perfect reentry to the frenzied universe of Ilana and Abbi. The first scene of the show’s third season features a split-screened montage that never leaves the confines of either of their porcelain palaces, complete with goldfish-flushing, Pride-inspired makeout sessions, and a cameo made by Hillary Clinton’s autobiography.

(Note: once and for all, here is the definitive example of how ladies can do bathroom humor, one that is thankfully very much unlike those PooPourri commercials that always pop up on my Hulu account. Onward pioneers!)

As the montage suggests, Broad City’s entire episode is more or less about finding a place to take a piss that isn’t a port-au-potty lifted by a crane, with the delightful bizarre, organically-grown NYC hijinks the show has become known for. But nothing could prepare us for a sight even more horrible than being trapped in an actual box of shit: an art gallery opening where you do the one thing that is actually your worst nightmare. If one thing can bring you back from the most surreal trapeze school graduation you could ever imagine, it would most undoubtedly be this.

As for the episode as a whole? As Natalie Portman in a tutu once said in a movie about swans and Mila Kunis: “It was perfect.”

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Abbi and Ilana: we are so, so happy to have you back.

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