Brown's Lawyers Say Rihanna Shouldn't Testify; No Juicy Fight For Jen & John

  • Chris Brown‘s lawyers are arguing that Rihanna shouldn’t have to testify in court because her name and other information was leaked. They say she shouldn’t be forced to compromise her privacy any further. [TMZ]
  • A friend of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer says, “They’re definitely broken up, but it was completely amicable. I know everyone is looking for the big juicy fight, but there was none.” That’s never stopped the tabloids before! [E!]
  • California Attorney General Jerry Brown says three people were part of the conspiracy to feed Anna Nicole Smith‘s addiction, but Howard K. Stern was the “principal enabler.” He says Stern was “the one that brought the drugs in many cases to Anna Nicole Smith.” He added, “this was done knowingly and this was done with tragic consequences.” [People]
  • A source claims that Britney Spears is not dating Jason Trawick. “They are absolutely, 100 percent not dating,” says the source. “He is her agent, and that is it.” [Us]
  • In this video Hugh Jackman speaks Japanese and flails about on a Japanese game show. Then a dude grabs his crotch. [ONTD]
  • Nadya Suleman hasn’t moved into her new house yet, but it’s already been TP’d. [TMZ]
  • Kylie Minougue is bringing her Spanish model boyfriend Andres Velencoso home to Australia to meet her parents. []
  • Leighton Meester is the frontrunner to star in Beastly, a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. [E!]
  • Garry Marshall contacted Robin Williams‘ people following his aortic valve replacement surgery earlier this month. He says of Williams’ condition, “I hear very good reports.” [People]
  • In this video Larry Flynt makes the bold claim that he’s slept with more women than Hugh Hefner. [TMZ]
  • Elizabeth Taylor‘s granddaughter Naomi Wilding and her husband are expecting a baby, which will be Taylor’s fifth great-grandchild. Taylor’s friend says the news has given her a new purpose. “To Elizabeth life is all about friends and family and she’s terribly excited about meeting the new baby due fairly soon,” he says. [The Daily Express]
  • Pete Doherty almost quit his band Babyshambles because a fan gave him a wedgie while he was crowd surfing. Pete says: “I hid in the tour bus crying. When they (my bandmates) found me I was crying my eyes out, going, ‘The band’s not working out. We should split up.’ Nobody believed what was wrong, and eventually I snapped, ‘All right, I got a wedgie, OK?'” [The Daily Express]
  • The New York Times has posted pictures of things Judd Apatow has in his office. The writer was shocked to not see “a single bong, beer keg or passed-out partygoer.” [NY Times]
  • Here’s the trailer for Jennifer Aniston‘s new movie Management. It starts with her telling a guy he can touch her butt and goes downhill from there. [Video Gum]
  • Penelope Cruz is in talks to star in Venuto al Mondo, which is directed by Sergio Castellitto, the Italian director who gave her her first break in Don’t Move. [Variety]
  • Chris Cornell is responding to Trent Reznor insulting him on Twitter, writing back, “What do you think Jesus would twitter. ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ or ‘Has anyone seen Judas? He was here a minute ago.’ ” [Rolling Stone]
  • Jessica Simpson is speaking out about Rihanna and Chris Brown. She said at a concert in Phoenix last night: “No matter what you go through in life, no matter what abuse you go through, take your heart and run so far away.” [E!]
  • Tom Jones said his wife of 52 years told him she’s OK with women throwing their panties at him “as long as you come home to me, as long as you don’t go running off with somebody.” [Yahoo]
  • Marley Shelton, who stars on the CBS series Eleventh Hour is expecting her first child with her husband. [People]
  • Marko Jaric, the basketball star who just married supermodel Adriana Lima, is under investigation for sexually assaulting a woman in Philadelphia. [TMZ]
  • In this video Ricky Gervais makes fun of celebrities who say they have depression or who promote themselves by talking about their addictions. [The Independent]
  • Katherine Heigl‘s character Dr. Izzie Stevens revealed she’s dying of cancer on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. One of her interns on the show estimated she has a 5% survival rate, and coincidentally Heigl has a 5% chance of staying on the show. [Us]
  • Jaime Kennedy has confirmed that he’s dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. []
  • The Pixies will play their first live performance in four years at the Isle of Wight music festival this summer. [Reuters]
  • Korn bassist Fieldy has released a book, Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery and Korn which includes letters he wrote to each band member apologizing for his past bad behavior. [Yahoo]
  • Hundreds of fans showed up to see Shane MacGowan of the Pogues play at a bar in Scotland, but the bar said the show was cancelled at the last minute. But MacGowan’s reps say he was never booked to play there in the first place. [The Daily Express]
  • Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson says of being on Dancing With the Stars, “It’s scary. The waltz was a challenge because of having to be romantic and stuff but now the salsa is even harder. I’ve never shaken my hips before. It’s hard to let myself go.” [People]
  • Matthew Broderick is preparing to do the Broadway play The Philanthropist and says he’s glad it’s only running until July. “I used to do long runs, but after six months it’s a struggle. You’re repeating yourself… you go on autopilot and nobody pays attention to what they’re saying anymore. You screw up, then everybody wakes up for the next two weeks,” says Broderick. “A Broadway show’s exhausting in its relentlessness. No more normal dinner hour. You disappear from friends. I’m starting to get set for it.” [The Daily Express]
  • Roseanne Barr is blogging about Chris Brown and Rihanna. She says: “Rihanna is violent too and that is one of the reasons why she is back with chris brown. She thinks she has him right where she wants him now. His career is over, and he is working her to help him get it back. She thinks that since he needs her and has shown some contrition, that she can call the shots now. Violent people are control freaks, and she thinks she is in control right now. Violent couples also have passionate make up sex, and that keeps a lot of battered and beaten women hooked …” [Roseanne World]
  • Carol Burnett is a wedding crasher! Friday Night Lights actor Zach Gilford is co-starring with her in a new movie. He says: “Carol Burnett’s just so goofy and funny, telling these anecdotes about crashing weddings! Because no one would question her, they’d be like, “Oh, that’s Carol Burnett! That’s so exciting that Carol Burnett is here.” Then they’d get a free drink, and take pictures. Then just leave. She did it for year or something, she and her friend, a few years back. She’d be like, “Oh, you know, I’m a friend of a distant aunt on the husband’s side.” Hilarious. It got to the point where a photographer friend of hers would come and take pictures of the wedding just to make it seem more official. She’s just such a goof who loves to do things because it’s fun and ridiculous.” [Jossip]
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