Buns of Anarchy: A Retrospective of Jax Teller's Beautiful Butt


Now that Sons of Anarchy is over, there’s a hole in my Tuesday evening schedule, there’s no more SAMCRO and most importantly, no more copious shots of Jax Teller’s bare butt in action. REAL TEARS. In memorial, here is a collection of Jax’s butt, played by Charlie Hunnam’s actual butt, in various emotional moments. I assure you, it’s a tour de force.

Here is Jax’s early butt, probably around season two when it and its long-lost high school love, Tara Knowles reunite. If I remember correctly, Jax’s butt is also reeling from killing Tara’s stalker ex-boyfriend who’s lying dead on the floor beside them during this love scene. It happens, I guess.

Here is more of Jax’s butt during season two when it was still seducing Tara with its flawless lumps, every time she wondered aloud ‘Dude, I’m a doctor, why am I in love with this biker guy who will surely get me killed? Oh.’

Here is Jax’s butt sleeping with a Sons groupie while he and Tara “take a break” and his butt has moved back into the club house.

Here is Jax’s butt when Tara is tired of him palling around that Sons of Anarchy groupie and she shows him who’s boss in a bathroom. The shot of Jax’s hopeful sidepiece walking in on them doing the above, and Tara side-eyeing her is missing in this gif—focusing on the butt here, folks—but still pretty great.

Here is Jax’s butt contemplating the rough times ahead for SAMCRO, adding to a long line of wet shower scenes.

See what I mean?

Here is Jax’s butt preparing to be searched upon going to jail on club business with its best friend Opie’s butt. Opie’s butt, in front, doesn’t really compare unfortunately.


Here’s Jax’s butt in a fighting stance when then-wife Tara catches it cheating with a prostitute-madame-business partner.

Here is Jax’s butt looking guilty after having to save his prostitute-madame-business parter from its wife Tara’s wrath.

Here is Jax’s butt’s last scene during the final season when it reconnects with its first son Abel’s mother, Wendy.

Here is one more shot of Jax’s butt at work, just for good measure.

Rest in peace Jax’s butt. Your two mounds of joy over seven seasons of FX’s motorcycle drama that was really for women was the best Christmas gift a girl can get in gif form. Happy holidays to me!

H/T to the Frisky, great minds, yo, great minds.

Images via FX.

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