Burberry: Cool, Military-Inspired Clothes & A Hot Hollywood Crowd


Atten-hut! The Fall/Winter 2010 Burberry Prorsum show today in London was armed and dangerous. On the runway: Military looks sharp enough to slice mess hall meatloaf. In the crowd? Lots of names, sweetie. Names.

Sometimes olive can look downright drab, but not when it’s cut with this much precision and style.

I love to hate puke colors, and I hate to love swingy, ’80s-ish jackets.


You know what was a good movie? Species.

Why do I have the urge to watch the critically acclaimed film Das Boot?

Who doesn’t dream of the perfect peacoat? And something tells me we’ll be seeing those thigh-high boots in a paparazzi photo. Soon.

The spy who loved me had a bad-ass trench.

Deceptively simple, this high-necked sweater jacket could go with a slim skirt, a full skirt, skinny pants or jeans.

The message here? Buttons are hot.

Oh captain my captain! I’ll be dreaming about these infinitely wearable coats tonight.

Gasp. Gorgeous.

Eh. Skews slightly “women’s prison.”

Shearling and leather for working the docks or on some fashion ferry boat.

Boot lust.

When it’s Burberry, there must be some plaid somewhere.

In the words of Elvis, “let me be your teddy bear.”

Although the palette is monochromatic, the textures here are luxurious and oh-so-touchable.

Every time I think of you, I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue…

Oh yes, please. Save image as… Fierce.jpg

Of course Anna Wintour was there, and of course she was wearing large swaths of fur.

Naturally Alex Watson was there. He’s not just Emma Watson’s brother. He’s a Burberry model.

Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson and Kristen Stewart: Part of the front-row faction. Although KStew is the epitome of *mope* here, she did crack a smile.


Claire Danes and Alice In Wonderland‘s Mia Wasikowska: Preparing to be profoundly wowed.

Erin O’Connor, Twiggy, and shoe guru Patrick Cox, who seems to believe that fashion has gone to the dogs.

[Images via Getty.]

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