Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Are Still Not Flirty

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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Are Still Not Flirty

Last week, Entertainment Tonight accidentally unleashed a pre-written article claiming that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello “got flirty” at their VMAs performance, before the VMAs even occurred. (This flirty narrative has come to define this summer’s news cycle.) They definitely performed at the VMAs, yet ultimately did not kiss. But don’t be sad! Camila Cabello’s team—sensing the disturbance caused by Entertainment Tonight’s inadvertent blunder—collaborated with Vogue on a pre-VMAs “Get Ready With Me.” Reader: It’s (allegedly) flirty.

As Entertainment Tonight reports:

As Cabello prepared to pose on the red carpet, she got a special visitor — Mendes himself! The pair shared a flirty moment in her dressing room, before she expressed excitement about him seeing her in her dress. Following their sexy performance, an eyewitness saw Cabello and Mendes taking their seats super close together, with Mendes’ arm placed around Cabello’s shoulders. He played with her hair and rubbed her arm while they chatted animatedly and appeared to be in their own world.

I watched the video with an open mind, understanding that my time as a blogger has poisoned me beyond repair. But this “flirty moment” we were promised? It’s actually 10 seconds long and involves an affected baby voice. Now that even Vogue has failed to deliver the flirty energy we crave, let that creeping sadness consume you completely. [ET]

Contrary to my investigation into Bill Clinton and his distaste for loud music, Page Six is claiming that he’s actually having “a great summer in the Hamptons.” Jeffrey Epstein’s former pal was spotted at the Maidstone Hotel Friday evening, where he allegedly demanded the DJ turn the music down. At the time, sources claimed the DJ did it out of spite (like any person would), but they later walked this back, admitting it was a technical glitch. Despite this, Page Six reports:

At lunch on Tuesday, he couldn’t be missed in a Hawaiian shirt with pink flamingos and neon pink sneakers. That night, he added a Champion sweatshirt to his look for dinner at Bostwick’s Chowder House. “He was in total dad/grandpa garb,” said a Hamptons spy. “It was Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, her husband, their kids … There was Secret Service everywhere, but they looked like bros … young guys in jeans and T-shirts wearing earpieces.” Bill opted for a “skinny spicy margarita” and “blackened fish tacos.”

It’s common for people to seek joy amidst the death of friends and family. With Jeffrey Epstein gone, who knows what Clinton might be feeling! Thankfully, the enclaves of the rich have long opened their doors to him and his wife. The world outside might be loud and full of conspiracies involving your friendship with a serial predator and supervillain, but your favorite Hamptons boutique hotel is serving blackened fish tacos and calorie-conscious margaritas. That other stuff can wait! [Page Six]

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