​Can You Guess Which TV Shows These Costumes Belong To?


Yesterday marked the opening of the 8th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibit, a cool look at some of the iconic costumes from various television series. Costume Designer and showcase curator Mary Rose said that the items she chose weren’t just about Emmy nominations, but what she liked. As reported by Variety:

“I am not just showing what the nominations did this year … enough is enough,” said Rose. “There are a lot of things that are much more interesting and meaningful … This year’s nominees, as a Governor of the Television Academy, I was so miffed. I couldn’t believe it. ‘Boardwalk’? Enough is enough, I say. I mean it’s not ‘Sopranos.’ … I thought maybe we should have seminars on those costume designers so they know which is good and bad.”

She sounds like a hoot and a holler. So take a gander and see if you can’t guess to which shows these costumes belong. (As many of you probably guessed, the one above is from Orange is the New Black.) Some are easier than others, but all are very strange and a little unsettling to see draped on mannequins as opposed to the actual characters.

Here’s an easy one:

Breaking Bad

Downton Abbey

The Good Wife


Masters of Sex


Pretty Little Liars


True Detective

Images via Getty.

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