Canadian Millennials Forced to Rename Their Blog

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Canadian Millennials Forced to Rename Their Blog

On Friday, somewhat counter-intuitively, our favorite Canadian bloggers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took to their website,, to announce they would be abandoning the term “Sussex Royal,” a hit for the former duke and dutchess’s attempt to keep the brand strong. In a nearly 1,200-word post, the couple expressed anger at a new agreement which will prevent them from identifying themselves as royals through their new charitable foundation or social media accounts: “There is not,” the blog noted, “any jurisdiction by the monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word ‘royal’ overseas.” Starting March 31, the couple will be forced to find another marketing tactic as they embark on their new lives abroad. An anonymous source told the Daily Mail the couple appears to have “lost all sense of perspective” after what was characterized as a “swipe” against the monarchy, which glosses over the plight of what must be a very large team of brand consultants currently working overtime to figure out what exactly the former royals are going to pivot to next. [Daily Mail]

Perhaps, if you were in the midst of a lengthy public battle with your estranged partner, and you had previously been arrested on charges of domestic violence, you would not be emailing Page Six’s tips line to assert that said ex was framing you for assault—and yet that is precisely what Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay, recently did. According to the publication, both Lohan and his ex, Kate Major, were arrested recently in the Hamptons for seemingly unconnected incidents, Major for a DUI and Lohan for “criminal obstruction of breathing.” A few days ago, Lohan claimed Major had set him up, somehow, writing to the publication that he had a videotape: “I WILL go public with the evidence PROVING Katie lied!” No videotape has surfaced as of press time, but in a delightful turn of events, it appears Major has shacked up with Dina Lohan, Michael’s other ex-wife, in what Page Six characterizes as a “makeshift anti-Mike commune” in Merrick, Long Island.

Confirming the tip, Page Six called Kate and got Dina instead, who explained to a reporter she was protecting her former-Lohan-in-arms—“before, somewhat confusingly telling one Page Six reporter, ‘I love you.’” Jezebel is pleased someone, at least, is trying to keep it positive. [Page Six]

Today in marketing stunts disguised as public service announcements, stay safe out there everyone:

  • Kirk Douglas left $61 million to charity, and nothing to his son Michael, not that I imagine he needed it. [Fox]
  • Lil Nas X crashed a wedding party at Disney World? [People]
  • Actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst is ditching her dog, Shorty, after it bit her, an incident her fiancé says will necessitate “years of therapy.” [TMZ]
  • Jon Peters, the man who married and split with Pamela Anderson over the course of 12 days, is engaged to another woman. [Fox]
  • Amanda Bynes is challenging her parents’ conservatorship over her legal affairs and finances. [Page Six]
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