Cardi B 2028?

Cardi B 2028?
Image: (via Getty)

Noted Bernie Sanders supporter Cardi B loves history and politics, so much so she might consider running for office. Though I am certainly not for encouraging celebrities to seek the presidency, at least Cardi seems to know more about the government than our current president, so, IDK, why not, what else are we doing.

Cardi made a bunch of tweets about it on Sunday, according to Billboard:

No war with Iran under Cardi, it seems:

Again, one could argue, based on some pretty compelling evidence, that celebrities have no place holding elected office. But, also again, based on Cardi B’s past political tweets, her policy positions seem firmly rooted on the side of Good:

Cardi B’s love of history has been well-documented, so much so that her AP History teacher jumped to her defense last year when Cardi was criticized for speaking out about 2019’s pointless government shutdown. Cardi’s also spoken at length about her admiration for past presidents—chiefly, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, creator of the New Deal—and reportedly reads up on world politics in her free time. So, you know, still better than this.

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