Cardi B Gives the People and the Press What They Want


Y: Cardi B, “Press” — Like others, I’ve been waiting on this full song since Cardi teased a snippet on Instagram. As promised, it’s similar to the vibe of “Bodak Yellow”—incessantly and humorously combative—but I have to admit I got accustomed to listening to that IG hook on loop (“Press, press, press, press, press/Cardi don’t need more press!”), and that is still the best part of the song. It’s under two and a half minutes, so seems more like a refreshing summer sip than a full-on summer banger. —Clover Hope

Why not?: Herve Pagez, Diplo feat. Charli XCX, “Spicy” – Diplo doesn’t seem pressed to change the mind of anyone who might categorize his music as “airport reggae,” but I like his new song with Charli XCX, which gently warps the Spice Girls’s “Wannabe” into a dance-y track I wouldn’t be mad listening to at a party this summer. The music video looks like an underwater or interstellar rave and features light-up dolphins, and fuck it, that’s pretty cool. —Frida Garza

LOL yeah: City Girls, “Act Up” – This video is a great addition to a song that we already know goes off. It’s a Tropicana-colored ode to baddies of Miami, and if you aren’t itching to ride around town with your friends and act messy by the first chorus, I don’t know what to tell you besides you’re doing it wrong. My only quibble is that the cameo by rapper Lil Yacthy—who co-wrote the song—felt a little awkward. Yachty is great and all, but the video would have sufficed without him. Other than that, this is yet another fun City Girls video that highlights the duo’s penchant for featuring women of various shapes and body types just in time for summer. If you don’t already have “Act Up” on rotation, you will by summer’s end, PERIODT. —Ashley Reese

Yeah, okay: Sleater-Kinney, “Hurry On Home” (music video) – I usually can’t stand vertical videos, but the manic energy in this one—directed by Miranda July and speedily typed by Starlee Kine—is pretty charming. Who among us hasn’t wanted to text an entire song in piecemeal lyrics to an ex before? It’s almost summertime and I endorse this behavior. —FG

Oh yeah, this is good: Bad Bunny and Tainy, “Callaíta” – Bad Bunny revisits the tearful ballad in this latest single. He alternates between rap-singing and bellowing, as he is known to do, giving this song (all about a quiet and mysterious girl who likes to party) an almost somber edge. Despite the timing, it’s not song of the summer material—this is more of a slow jam—but I’ll have it on rotation in the coming months nonetheless. —FG

Y: Gucci Mane feat. Justin Bieber, “Love Thru the Computer”Kiss me thru the phone? No, kiss me thru my laptop, since that’s where I spend most of my time 🙁 This bubbly, Zapp-sampling Gucci Mane song featuring a chorus from Biebs about long distance relationships sounds so literal and corny it’s straight-up charming. Somehow, the search for “computer love” spans decades? —Hazel Cills

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