Cardi B, Ice Princess


They said a bitch can’t wear white after Labor Day but Cardi B never! played! by! no! rules!!!!!!!

Photographed with her husband Offset, sitting court side at the Atlanta Hawks game over the weekend, Cardi makes me believe that white might actually be the perfect color palette for this early-winter season we are fast approaching. Wearing a two-piece Chanel skirt suit with black trim and gold piping and buttons, Cardi shows she was listening when all you guys said she could be Fran Descher as The Nanny and is leaning into the powerful businesswoman ensemble. (Vogue notes it’s tweed, which adds a nice touch.) Her hair—an icy blonde lob—completes the chic and put-together look. It could look completely ridiculous, but the way she is kind of half-smirking, half-smizing at the camera, the way her hand is draped OH SO CASUALLY over crossed legs so you can’t help but notice her manicure and black pumps, means she’s owning it and she knows she’s never looked better.

It’s really the accessories that help her nail this, help signal that every detail was intentional: her Barbie pink eyeshadow; her bedazzled nails; the fact she’s quite literally dripping in diamonds. (Her choker necklace reads CARDI B and looks like it’s oozing sparkly pink slime. I… want one?) All of this says: “I could shoot ice beams out of my eyeballs and zap you, but I won’t, because I’m out having a nice TIME with my HUSBAND.” She really is having a nice time. We should all take note.

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