Casey Anthony's Prison Buddies Speak • Teen Sues Mom Over Facebook Slander


Casey Anthony‘s former jail-house friend recently told police that Anthony confessed to “knocking out” her 2-year-old daughter with chloroform so she could go out and party. She also gave several different accounts of Caylee’s disappearance, including:

“I had asked her to take Cays for a few days so I could put the rest of our stuff together, money I had saved, new clothes, new everything. That’s why I waited to report her missing, because she was and wasn’t. I would give anything to go back to that day and to not have let Caylee out of my sight,” she wrote in a letter to a fellow inmate. • More and more women are coming to view giving breast milk as analogous to donating blood. As breastfeeding becomes increasingly popular, the donated milk provides many underweight mothers and opportunity to feed their infants naturally. But there is still a certain “yuck factor,” says the director of Best for Babes. • The art market in the Middle East is being lead into prominence by a surprising sector: Women. Women have begun to play a much stronger role in auction houses, so much so that Art Dubai, the biggest contemporary art fair in the region, has created a special “Ladies Day.” • Two towns on the Arizona-Utah border have been served search warrants. Officials have been monitoring the twin towns, which are believed to be dominated by polygamous sects, for several years. • Iran has requested the Olympic committee remove the ban on hijabs for soccer players. Currently, women are not allowed to wear their headscarves while playing, which effectively stops Iranian women from competing in an international sport. “Hijab is related to the Islamic culture and Muslim women can’t take part in social activities without it,” wrote Bahram Arsharzadeh, secretary-general of the Iranian Olympic Committee in a letter to FIFA and the International Olympic Committee. • Scientists have found that exposure to chemicals, some of which can be found in lotion and shampoo, can alter the sexual development of pre-pubescent girls. While several types of chemicals were found to significantly delay the onset of puberty, one, which is used in cosmetics, was linked to earlier breast and pubic hair development. • A Chinese official with the pseudonym Wang Cheng has been detained for taking bribes to finance his ambition to sleep with 800 women. His transgressions came to light when his wife discovered his secret sex journal, that chronicled his tireless quest for sexual partners. According to his accounts, he managed to sleep with some 500 women before getting caught. • A New York judge has ruled that a Long Island woman must return her $19,000 engagement ring — or pay her ex back for the costs. She tried to argue that because her finance cheated on her, she should be allowed to keep the ring, but no dice. • A new report indicates there remains a hiring gender gap in top federal government positions. While women are well represented at the lower-levels, the glass ceiling remains in place for even the most ambitious. In response, the group Federally Employed Women (FEW) have sponsored their own national training program. • The White House Easter celebration is sounding more and more like a righteous good time — for the under-12 set. Not only was Justin Bieber in attendance, but J. K. Rowling also made an appearance to read aloud from Sorcerer’s Stone. • Megan Fox teams up with Brian Austin Green in a Funny or Die video to talk about how California’s budget cuts are affecting schools. While there are a few bright moments, it’s not particularly funny. Good message, though. • Roughly a dozen protesters gathered at the Hague yesterday to support the oppressed people of Iran. They lowered the Iranian flag and raised a flag featuring a picture of Neda Soltan. Demonstrators managed to stay on embassy grounds for 15 minutes, chanting slogans in Dutch and Persian before they were dispersed by guards. • Today in stereotype-confirming studies: Guys like to hook up, while women would rather date. However, both genders showed a preference for dating over hooking up, especially when it came to the possibility of a long-term relationship. • A 15-year-old Tennessee boy was sent home from high school for wearing a shirt that read “I Heart Lady Gay Gay.” The teen – who is openly gay – says he feels he is being singled out for his sexuality, and that “gay” should not be considered an offensive or disruptive word. • A 16-year-old boy from Arkansas is suing his own mother for slander after she posted something on his Facebook account. He has also requested that his mother be prohibited from contacting him.

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