Celebrities Make PETA Cry


At the 7th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, the entire animal kingdom was on display. Fur-frowners will have plenty to complain about, but believe us, amongst this star-studded gang there was something to offend — and please — everyone!

Okay, who else loves Leighton Meester‘s Prabal Gurung? Somehow, the shoes don’t overshadow its drama.

Karlie Kloss: pulling off things that should be impossible since 2005.

So, New Year’s Eve 1999 I rung in the new millennium watching Behind the Music: Rocky Horror Picture Show. And I learned then that at, like, the 10th anniversary of midnight showings, the maestro of the whole thing stood up and screamed triumphantly, “THEY SAID WE COULDN’T DO IT BUT WE DID IT!” Ever since, it’s been necessary to shout this all the time, always about things that it hasn’t occurred to anyone to challenge, ever. Like Yaya DaCosta wearing a many-tiered dress.

Okay, I love it when Kim K does straight-up, ridiculous bombshell, a la this La Liz-circa-Cleopatra number.

Damn Alexa Chung and her effortless-seeming tomboy chic!

Chanel Iman is a woman who knows how to accessorize!

Anna Paquin‘s dress verges on the boxy, no? Maybe that’s just the heavy encrustation playing tricks on the eye.

Let’s talk about Carey Mulligan‘s Chanel. Obviously she carries it off brilliantly, but it’s objectively kind of ridiculous and reminiscent of The Tudors. And what’s with the booties, pray tell?

Christina Ricci‘s dress is maybe one element too many; there’s something slightly fussy about it, no? That said, she’s always intriguing and nifty.

Wintour, in Wintour mode.

Blake Lively has assured everyone she doesn’t need a stylist, so we’ll take her word for it.

It’s a good idea to walk around in any new dress; what looks like a pretty, cool LBD can result in some weird bumps and protrusions mid-stride.

Now for animal life. Allison Sarofim.

Joan Smalls.

Lesley Blume.

Nicole Miller.

Jenna Lyons.

DVF. By the way, it wasn’t that cold in New York yesterday. Just sayin’.

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