Celebrities Share Their Halloween Costumes On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, we capture all of the Halloween pictures that our favorite twitterers took on their cellphones and uploaded to Twitter — for our viewing enjoyment. So let’s get to it!

@nicolerichie: Don’t be fooled by the rocks dat we got! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love JLo & Hunter S. Thomson

@samantharonson: Halloween with @iamMarkRonson at The Borgata. Fun times!

@ZacharyQuinto: wasn’t going out as of ten minutes ago. a little proud of what i threw together. i am fireworks on the fourth of july.

@jessicaalba: My second night as a witch – better costume this time!

@chriscolfer: Halloween 2011!!! I’m a Sea-Monkey!

@andersoncooper: Happy Halloween! It’s been years since I dressed up but I’m in costume for today’s @Anderson…

@pariisjaxn: Happy Halloween, Everybody!!! <33 @oliviamunn: Happy Halloween from Amelia Earhart, Rosie the Riveter, and Vicki from SmallWonder. Yep- I made my robot pack myself!

@MCHammer: Random thought … I forgot to go to sleep … Good nite Katie 🙂 See pic …

@ZooeyDeschanel: This is me as Neely O’Hara from “valley of the dolls” I am missing my props and @lizmeriwether and @sofifii who were the other characters.

@mandykaling: A very Kemper Halloween.

@PSchwarzenegger: Had a fun first night of Halloween, hope you guys like my costume.

@SofiaVergara: Lista! Ready for Holloween!

@davidarquette: For everyone that voted for my costume. Thank you very much. Also let it be noted I had this in my closet. I’m sick

@CarmenElectra: Happy Halloween!

@Sn00ki: Don’t mess w felines rawrrrr @Ryder__ http://twitpic.com/7830v6

@BigBoi: Mr. And Mrs. Patton

@MirandaCosgrove More Halloween Festivities! Cat and I dressed up as rebel schoolgirls and went to a party on the Queen Mary

@LanceBass: The Pop Ten’s Giggles and Turkey ! I’m FX’s Wilfred.

@UncleRUSH: My Holloween costume. Guess what it is?

@juliebenz: Me @elizadushku @clarekramer and Rick fox! Happy Halloween!!

@Sarah_Hyland: Finally get to be pebbles and bambam!!! Me and @mattpro13

@BrodyJenner: Oh no… It has begun!!!

@HulkHogan: My wife Jennifer arrrr

@msleamichele: The Swan Queen!!!!!

@ShannaMoakler: Finally in the limo with@cherylburke let’s do this!!!

@TameraMowryTwo Happy Halloween with @drearegalado and Talitha with @wpclinic <3 @Braunger: Jazzercize studio bouncer. On the loose for Halloween.

@RealMichelleT: Lady Halloween enjoying the night! #HappyHalloween

@MsAmberPRiley He got that SUPERBASS!!!!

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