Charlie Brown Voice Actor Had a Dog Named Snoopy, Allegedly Threatened to Kill a Sheriff 


The actor who voiced Charlie Brown in the animated Peanuts specials has pled guilty to making all sorts of threats. Prosecutors say Peter Robbins, who previously served jail time for threatening the plastic surgeon who performed his girlfriend’s breast augmentation, threatened to kill San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Robbins was arrested in September for threatening to hire a hitman to kill the sheriff. He was also accused of threatening to kill a judge, as well as the manager of a mobile home park. At the time, he was single and living with his dog Snoopy, according to what he told the court.

Two years ago, Robbins was charged for threatening his girlfriend, then stalking her plastic surgeon. He was sentenced to probation and a live-in drug treatment program, but arrested again for failure to maintain his probation conditions by cutting off his GPS bracelet, drinking, and failing to complete domestic violence courses. At a court hearing on the parole violations in June, he was ordered to have a mental competency hearing after calling the judge an “asshole,” telling him “I hope you die of a heart attack,”

Robbins told Superior Court Judge William Chidsey Jr. on Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, conditions that won’t be much helped by jail time.

“I want justice to be served,” a more subdued-seeming Robbins told the court when he entered his guilty plea Tuesday. “But I’m mentally ill. To stick me in state prison is not benefitting the justice system. I feel I’m entitled to at least a second chance.”

Robbins faces up to five years in state prison when he’s sentenced in December.

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Robbins in court. Screengrab via NBC 7

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