Charlie Sheen Has Some Thoughts About The Ladies In His Life


Charlie Sheen might have won over a few of his critics last night when he presented at the Emmy Awards, but if his interview this morning with Wendy Williams is any indication, he’s not really going to win over any women. Sheen was relaxed enough to open up about his very public relationships, and we did not like what we heard. Not that we expected emotional prose, but this was worse than what we expected.

On Kelly Preston:
“Maybe she was trying to commit suicide to get out of [our] relationship.”

On his Goddesses:
“It kind of ran its course. It was really an experiment, just seeing if you could keep two women together peacefully under the same roof. It’s really hard. Unless they’re lesbians, you know?”

On Denise Richards:
“[She could stand] to get her hair trimmed. Get rid of all those split ends.”

On Brooke Mueller:
“Ah, you don’t want to know about that crap. We’re not back together.”

On marriage, in general:
“Why would I [get married]? To ordain it with a piece of paper just makes things worse, just for me, personally. Because those relationships, I wanna say were pretty good before the marriage — and then something happens.”

Something, yes.

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