Cheerleaders At Risk Of Developing Eating Disorders • Woman In Labor For 20 Days


• A recent study of college cheerleaders found that cheerleaders overall were “highly disposed to eating disorders,” but the athletes who wear midriff-bearing uniforms were at particularly high risk. 33.1% of survey participants displayed signs of developing disordered behaviors.

• An Australian dating agency has won the right to turn away married customers who are just looking to have an affair. The company, named Dinner at Eight, was granted an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act, which allows them to ban “wandering husbands” from its events. They also were given the right to refuse someone they deemed too difficult to match. • Tennis player Laura Robson recently told Vogue UK that she thinks some of her fellow players are a little too loose. “Some of the tennis girls, they’re sluts. They go with every guy and make such a bad name for themselves – and you don’t want to be known for stuff like that,” she said in an interview. Robson, who, keep in mind, is only 16 and probably has a lot of growing up to do, claims that her comments were taken out of context. • The Vatican has announced plans to put three nuns on the path to sainthood for their work protecting Jewish refugees in Rome during World War II. The women ran a small guesthouse, where they were able to harbor more than 60 refugees fleeing the Nazi troops. • New data shows that only 34% of girls aged 13-17 in the six states surveyed (Delaware, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia) have received the HPV vaccine. Doctors recommend that all young women get the shots, which protect against four strains of HPV, two are which are believed to cause 70% of cervical cancers. • Jake Tapper, anchor for “This Week,” has launched a Twitter campaign to get Sarah Palin as a guest for ABC’s Sunday morning show. He Tweeted yesterday: “I’d hope SarahPalinUSA fans might want to broader her reach by coming on This Week… talk politics and policy.” Tapper says he has reached out to Palin before, but was repeatedly shot down. • At 17 and five-and-a-half months pregnant, Amy Buck entered into what sounds like the Worst Labor Ever. It took 20 days for her to give birth; doctors believe this may have been the longest labor in medical history. Her son, Daniel, is healthy and steadily growing. • Parents of students killed in the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown are still fighting to have the deaths recognized, however, some fear that as the families age and pass away, history will eventually be forgotten. The leader of the Tiananmen Mothers, professor Ding Zilin, says she sees more and more members die each year. • A survey of teens ages 15 to 19 found that more than a quarter would be “pleased” if they accidentally got their sexual partner pregnant. Teenage boys are also more likely to be accepting and supportive of babies born out of wedlock. • The antique doll collection of author Anne Rice will be up for auction in July. Rice says she views her dolls as “immortal. They can live forever if they are passed down the generations with love and care.” She hopes her dolls will find new, loving homes. • Regular coffee drinkers will be disappointed to hear that their morning shot does nothing more than counteract the effects of caffeine withdrawal. Researchers claim that coffee doesn’t make you more alert or awake, and can cause feelings of anxiety and withdrawal symptoms the day following a espresso binge. •

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