Chemistry Teacher Arrested For Drugs Allegedly Had 'Date Rape Recipes'

A high school teacher in Texas who was arrested at school was reportedly found with recipes for date rape drug cocktails.

This is what happens when you marathon too many episodes of Breaking Bad at once. Haivan Bui, a chemistry teacher, was arrested by police in Conroe while she was at work at Oak Ridge High School. According to police, during the arrest they discovered the “date rape recipes” on her—meaning she took “date rape recipes” to a high school (WHY? DEAR GOD WHY). My brain just broke a little. Via KHOU:

Her arrest came after deputies executed a search warrant at her Woodlands apartment. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, deputies found more recipes, methamphetamine, marijuana, numerous prescription medications and Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, a compound used in date rape drugs. Bui’s husband, Chris Hartwell, was reportedly present during the raid. He was also arrested.

Holy shit. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN. HIDE EVERYONE. I don’t even want to start thinking about why these people could possibly have intended to do with “date rape recipes.” I mean, you can make the argument for being a down-on-your luck, Walter White type who gets into making and selling drugs because you’re desperate for money but to dabble in DATE RAPE RECIPES? No way. Not in a million years. Nope. Not gonna hear it.

Students at Oak Ridge High were, naturally, freaking the fuck out that one of their teachers got arrested on drug charges.

“She didn’t seem like the teacher that would do something like that,” senior Nicholas Marron told KHOU. I wonder if there are teachers who do actually do seem like the type. “Oh Mr. Smith got arrested? Yeah that guy totally seems like the type who would make a fuckton of weird scary drugs in his home. Definitely saw that shit coming.”

According to KHOU, Bui faces charges of possession with intent to deliver and/or manufacture a controlled substance and Hartwell faces possession of a controlled substance among other charges.

Conroe Indpendent School District released a statement about Buis arrested, according to KPRC:

“Conroe ISD employee, Haivan Bui, was arrested earlier today by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit on drug-related charges. Ms. Bui was hired in June 2013 to teach science at Oak Ridge High School. The investigation is still ongoing and is actively being investigated at this time.”

“Maybe they’re trying to be the new ‘Breaking Bad,'” Phyllis Hannon told KPRC. “He was a chemistry teacher on the show, too.”

Image via Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

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