Cher Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for Dating Younger Men

“Men my age” are “all dead,” Cher explained to Jennifer Hudson on Wednesday. 10/10, perfect, no notes.

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Cher Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for Dating Younger Men

I know everyone’s tired of age-gap discourse—which, fair! But enter Cher, who, in a rare reversal of gender roles, is 77 and dating music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards, 38. I mean, he’s clearly an adult, and I’ll let their situation speak for itself. But I just need everyone to hear Cher’s explanation for primarily dating not just younger but much younger men. She’s previously dated Tom Cruise, 61; Richie Sambora and Val Kilmer, both, 64; and Rob Camiletti, 60, who was 22 to her 40 when they met.

“The reason I got with young men is because men my age are older—well, now they’re all dead,” Cher explained to Jennifer Hudson during a Wednesday appearance on Hudson’s talk show. That line—“now [men my age are] all dead”—is fittingly making waves on social media, because it’s quite literally the embodiment of “Good for her!” That said, Cher had more to say. 

She explained that, even before she started dating her current man who’s about 40 years her junior, it was still always younger men who approached her: Men her age “were always terrified to approach me,” Cher told Hudson. “And younger men, they were raised by women like me. They are bold.” 

Interesting! Really makes you think about how having cool moms like Cher can impact generations of young men, and, according to Cher, influence them to date Cher.

In December, Cher opened up about how she once warned her own friends not to “fall in love with a younger man, we’re too old,” only for her unexpected romance with AE to follow. In 2022, when Cher and AE—who previously dated Amber Rose—went public, the singer went to bat for her relationship against skeptics and people who warned her that the much younger man had an alleged history of infidelity and was just using her. In a tweet from November 2022, Cher responded to one person who questioned her relationship, “Haven’t You Got Anything Else 2 Do⁉️ Let Me Explain…I DONT GIVE A✈️FK WHAT ANYONE THINKS.” In another tweet, she wrote, “As we All Know …I WASNT BORN YESTERDAY,& What I Know For Sure…There Are No Guarantees.” And in another: “I’m Not Defending us. Haters are Gonna Hate…Doesn’ Matter That we’re Happy & Not Bothering Anyone.” 

And you know what? Here we are, not 1.5 years later, and Cher and AE still seem to be going strong. So, suck it to all the ghosts and corpses of men Cher’s age—love is love is love!

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