Chris Pratt, Just Come Out and Say You're a Republican, Thanks!

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Chris Pratt, Just Come Out and Say You're a Republican, Thanks!
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Somehow, there are two more weeks left before Election Day, which is both comforting and nauseating. The next two weeks are critical or maybe they don’t mean shit. Regardless of where you stand on what’s going to happen on November 3, if you’re not quite sure about who you’re going to vote for, let the cast of the Avengers movies (minus Chris Pratt, spicy!!) convince you otherwise… I guess??

Word on the street (thanks Variety) is that the people who played the Avengers in movies are assembling their star power to do a fundraiser for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Here’s the list of people who are participating in this fundraiser: Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana. Who is missing from this list? It begins with a Crisp and ends with a Rat, and yes, you betcha, you got this one right, it’s the Star-Lord himself, hmmmm! The fact that Pratt is not participating in this debacle, when like, almost every other Avenger is, led to widespread (Twitter) speculation that Pratt’s refusal to do so is because he is, in fact, a MAGA-loving, big, red, too-buff Republican.

Mr. Rat’s name was trending on Twitter and my assumption is that it’s because some people have harnessed the power of Google to discover that he attends HIllsong Church, and that Ellen Page called him out for that because the church itself is allegedly homophobic. Some people have also probably learned that Pratt is married to the Terminator’s daughter. Perhaps these people have already sussed out that Crispy Rat is likely a Republican, and now, as we stare down the possibility of another hellish four years, are attempting to “cancel” him as a means of catharsis, using the Rat as a proxy for Donald Trump—practice for when these people go to the polls and vote for Joe Biden, in a real-life attempt to cancel Trump. Eh? Does that work?

Doesn’t matter! Clearly Pratt has yet to reveal his political leanings becacuse he doesn’t want to sabotage his career, but I’m sorry, at this point, he could be a Hillsong spokesperson or even a junior congressman or whatEVER, so might as well go big, now, buddy! [Variety]

Some nicer news: Yolanda Hadid loves her grandchild!

Here is a picture of Yolanda holding the teensy hand of a small little baby, wearing a tiny baby fleece. I do not know the name of the Hadid-Malik baby yet, only that Tan France has decided to call the baby “Zigi,” which I do not personally love, but other than that? Happy for the family. Happy for Yolanda Hadid. [Us Weekly]

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