Chrissy Teigen and Other Celebs Show Their Support for Planned Parenthood 


In wake of Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington and Kathy Griffin are offering their support for the women’s healthcare organization.

Teigen voiced her feelings about the tragedy on Twitter, saying she and husband John Legend would be donating to Planned Parenthood immediately. The model and mom-to-be encouraged others to do so, providing a link to a donation page. Earlier this month, Teigen also took to Twitter to defend Planned Parenthood in regards to the heavily doctored videos made by anti-abortion activists in an attempt to discredit the organization.

Kerry Washington tweeted her support as well.

Comedian Kathy Griffin shared her personal experience with Planned Parenthood by stating how they helped her receive health care when she didn’t have insurance — something so many of those Planned Parenthood opposers love to overlook.

Three people were killed in Friday’s attack, including a police officer. A total of nine people were hospitalized. At a vigil for the victims, Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, said the organization would learn from the attack, “square our shoulders” and move on, AP reports. All 15 employees at the Colorado Springs clinic survived. Alleged gunman Robert Lewis Dear is currently being held without bond.

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