Christine Quinn Denies Bribing Anyone While Hawking ‘How to Be a Boss Bitch’

The "Selling Sunset" star is also keeping mum about her future on the Netflix reality show.

Christine Quinn Denies Bribing Anyone While Hawking ‘How to Be a Boss Bitch’
Image:John Lamparski / Stringer (Getty Images)

Christine Quinn is at it again. The over-the-top designer-clad, high-heeled resident villain on Selling Sunset dropped some quotable gems during a recent interview with People as part of her tour to celebrate the debut of her book, How to Be a Boss Bitch. Yet another way she’s capitalizing on her somewhat toxic persona!

Despite being the only cast member to miss the hit Netflix show’s inaugural reunion (she claimed to have covid), the 33-year-old is now taking the time to vehemently denounce the bribery allegations levied against her by cast-mate Emma Hernan during this last season. If you forgot, Quinn was accused of offering $5,000 to one of Hernan’s client with the motive of stealing away her nemesis’ business prospects. Quinn had been offered to sit down with Jason Oppenheim, her boss, and Mary Fitzgerald, the newly-minted Vice President of the Oppenheim Group, at the end of Season 5 to discuss these claims, but notably failed to show up to that gathering, too.

Now, Quinn isn’t holding back her contempt at being possibly defamed, telling People: “Accusing someone of a criminal tort is not only defamatory—but you can’t afford my lawyers. I’ve never bribed a client. I don’t need to bribe a client, because they’ll work with me organically.”

And as far as that non-meeting with Fitzgerald and Oppenheim, Quinn is insistent that she “didn’t even know” she was invited to the offices to hash out the bribery fiasco. “Are you kidding me?” she said. “I was at home chilling. Don’t act like I was a part of that scene. I wasn’t.”

It’s hard to know what to believe at this point, but reality TV only thrives with cutthroat bitches like Quinn—and nobody knows that better than Quinn, herself. While we still don’t know what the future holds for the slithering ice queen, because she also told People that she “terminated her contract when [her] brokerage launched,” we do know she’s exploring, uh, other ventures.

She and her hubby are reportedly opening up their own crypto real estate venture called “RealOpen.” I guess we’re supposed to believe that she’s moved on to cryptoland but will still be popping in and out of the Oppenheim Group for kicks and dramz? We can’t wait to see how that turns out! Next season is going to be lit.

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