Christmas Movie Ideas

Christmas Movie Ideas

Is Vanessa Hudgens aiming to be a queen of Christmas TV movies? She should. The title and concept of her future Netflix classic, The Knight Before Christmas, is so good, it needs to be celebrated and duplicated. The movie, according to Deadline, “follows a gallant English knight who seeks out his true quest after a sorceress inadvertently sends him from the medieval era to present day.” It’s part of Netflix’s Christmas slate and premieres November 21. In the spirit of Christmas TV movies, here are more some great ideas.

All I Want for Christmas Is Yule – Two people fall in love after discovering a magical yule log. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tea – Grandma makes a special matcha tea for Christmas, but there’s one secret ingredient… CBD. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas – A woman named Mary has a baby on Christmas and names her Mary. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

O Holy Knight – A knight saves a family of ferrets on Christmas Eve and finds love. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Christmas Thyme – A famous chef decides to cook a meal for a major event using thyme in every recipe… and she really has her work cut out for her. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Jingle Bell Knock – Every Christmas, someone knocks on this woman’s door and she can never find who it is because they run away too fast. Until one fateful night… Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Merry Ex-Mas – An ex-girlfriend shows up to haunt her boyfriend on Christmas after ghosting him. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Christmas Eve – A woman named Eve meets a man named Adam on Christmas. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

Underneath the Tea – Santa Claus has another family in the South Pole. An Elf found out and is ready to spill the tea, just in time for Christmas. Starring Vanessa Hudgens

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