Classy Dame Sydney Leathers Calls Weiner a ‘Bitch’ on the Radio


Fresh off a meeting at adult film studio and perhaps the most ill-advised bikini photo shoot in the history of bikini photo shoots (most of which are ill-advised), Anthony Weiner’s e-mistress Sydney Leathers appeared on Howard Stern’s show today where she talked metric tons of shit about her former pretend paramour. This story just keeps getting worse. Carlos Danger, WHAT HATH YOU WROUGHT?

Sydney Leathers is nothing if not… enterprising… in the wake of her revelations to that she and the New York City politician got down and dirty over the internet long after Weiner resigned from Congress in disgrace and pretended to be sorry about all those dick pics he sent. There’s the fact that she’s now represented by the same talent agent who represents Tan Mom (possibly because both she and Tan Mom possess similar levels of discernable talent). There was the photo shoot she did for the New York Post, which — god. Honey, just. Just no. What are you doing? Then there was the Vivid Entertainment meeting. Now, Howard Stern, for some good old fashioned badmouthing. Watch the whole thing above, or don’t. I pulled a cringemuscle.

I wanted to be on Sydney Leathers’s side in all of this. I really did. The public is profoundly unfair to high profile “other women,” and the famous men who strayed are usually offered a chance at redemption, and that sucks. But telling Howard Stern that Weiner was like a “needy girlfriend or something, this clingy person” and calling him a “needy little bitch” is probably unnecessary and definitely transparent and petty. Actually, the more Leathers talks about the relationship, the more it’s clear that she’s trying to cope with her newfound infamy and the end of what appears to be a full-on emotional affair in perhaps the least constructive way possible. She’s not just getting back at him; he has a wife who didn’t do anything wrong and is getting all kinds of shat on in public. He has a child that will probably one day see this. GO SEE A THERAPIST, SYDNEY LEATHERS. DO NOT POSE FOR BIKINI PHOTO SHOOTS OR GO ON HOWARD STERN OR LET SOME GUY FUCK YOU IN THE ASS ON CAMERA. Sorry for yelling; I just really think you need to stop.

At the very least, Sydney Leathers has worked her way through what I’m calling the Teen Mom Cycle remarkably fast. Normally, it takes an aspiring famous person with nothing really to contribute to the pop culture landscape (artwise) months or even years between step one — make a questionable sexual choice and get rewarded with fame for making it— and the final step — appear in an adult film so depressing that after you watch it you just want to call your parents and uglycry while thanking them for not messing you up too badly.

I’m going to have to go with Team Nobody on this one.

[The Wrap]

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