Cleaners Throw Trash Art into Art Trash


Trash is art is trash is art is trash. An art installation at a gallery in Italy was mistakenly thrown out because it had the overall aura of being trash.

The art installation piece—which was done by Goldschmied & Chiari for Italy’s Museion gallery—reimagines a post-party dance floor with Champagne bottles and decor strewn about. It’s titled, “Where Are We Going to Dance Tonight?” It’s trash.

Unfortunately, the cleaning crew failed to see the trash art for what it was, nor did they appreciate all the contextual layers and post-modernist statements, so they threw it away.

Mashable reports:

The work is only visible when the museum is closed, after dark, so viewers can get the full effect of the aftermath of a wild party.

That seems like a problem. Here’s a snapshot of the installation:

The gallery posted a note on Facebook stating that the piece will be reinstalled.

A totally new cleaning crew will throw it out again in several days.

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