Clinging to Her Last Shred of Relevance, Megyn Kelly Makes Nice With Donald Trump

Clinging to Her Last Shred of Relevance, Megyn Kelly Makes Nice With Donald Trump
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Remember when Donald Trump insulted Megyn Kelly on live television and on Twitter after she moderated a debate in 2015? No? Turns out Megyn Kelly forgot about that too.

Quick refresher: In 2015 Trump embarrassed himself, the Republican party, and Kelly by taking aim at the anchor after a contentious back and forth during a debate. “There was blood coming out of her eyes,” the man said on CNN “blood coming out of her wherever,” a tirade triggered by Kelly pressing him on a question—quite literally her job as debate moderator. He continued to berate her on Twitter and shit on Fox News until the two got pushed together into a room to do an interview where they pretended to forgive each other through gritted teeth.

But apparently, all instances of Trump referring to Kelly as “crazy” or “sick” have been forgiven and forgotten for real this time, after Kelly watched an entirely different debate than the rest of America and declared Trump the winner on Twitter. Trump, who needs positive affirmations in order to draw breath thanked his former nemesis, the same woman he had such beef with he skipped an entire debate in 2016 because she was one of three moderators.

For Megyn’s part, since her public squabble with Trump and even more public exit from Fox and NBC, she has been floundering in a market that is oversaturated with chatty blondes who want to tout girl power while still being racist. Now it seems like the president’s approval will help her stand out. Perhaps she can print this tweet and paste it onto her vision board. [The Hill]

An investigation by Mother Jones has found that Facebook, which we already knew was up to some bad shit, was in fact, up to some pretty bad shit in 2018. According to the report, when Facebook implemented an algorithm that it said would “prioritize ‘trusted’ and ‘informative’ sources of news,” early testing observed that it would negatively impact certain outlets—you know, the ones that publish outlandish clickbait shit with a clear right-wing bias that your uncle sends you in the middle of the night to prove a point he tried to make in the morning.

So Facebook came back with an updated version of the algorithm that was fairer to those sites, but would have a negative impact on lefty websites. For some reason, that was just fine! While Facebook claims the change was not purposely done to promote right-wing news on the site, Mother Jones found that the decision-makers at Facebook were made aware of which publishers would be impacted before implementing the changes based on a slide presentation that listed Mother Jones as one of the negatively affected sites. “The conservative site the Daily Wire was identified as one that would benefit,” their investigation found, “These changes were pushed by Republican operatives working in Facebook’s Washington office under Vice President of Global Public Policy Joel Kaplan (who later made headlines for demonstratively supporting his friend Brett Kavanaugh during confirmation hearings).”

So was Jezebel on the hit list or nah? Release the slides! [Mother Jones]

  • You know what we don’t talk about enough these days? Court-packing. Don’t worry though, Joe Biden is looking into what it would be like to look into possibly considering packing the court. Maybe. Perhaps. (The Hill)
  • Donald Trump is continuing his weird beef with Lesley Stahl and dropped some footage about it hoping that anyone would care other than the producers of 60 Minutes. Yawn. [Politico]
  • The Boogaloo Bois are trying to incite “an American civil war” as if the first one was such a good time for everyone. [Star Tribune]
  • Apparently, women leaders have been doing covid way better than men leaders. What could possibly be the difference there? [Twitter]
  • Ken Kurson, a close personal friend of Jared Kushner and the Trump family, has been arrested on cyberstalking charges. Your friends are a reflection of you Jared! [New York Times]
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