Clinton Campaign Wants People to Condemn Donald Trump, Not That That Works


Another day, another diarrhea bubble sallying forth from the lips of deranged road flare Donald Trump, who today is generating outrage for saying Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” in 2008. Senior Clinton campaign officials are calling on Republicans and the general public to condemn Trump. We’ve tried that, though, haven’t we?

Clinton’s director of communications tweeted Tuesday that while the campaign isn’t responding to Trump directly, his language is degrading towards “all women” and deserving of condemnation:

Campaign chairman John Podesta used many tweets on Monday to call Trump “hateful and dangerous,” and a great one-man recruitment drive for ISIS, all of which is certainly true. He also called on Jeb Bush specifically to do something, dammit:

The only problem here is that when the media condemns Trump it does fuck-all. When Jeb Bush screws up his courage and calls Donald Trump a jerk, it generates a momentary flurry of headlines that blow away overnight. When virtually every GOP candidate gets together and says that Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims is a bad, illegal, dangerous idea, it does nothing to shut him up, and, indeed, seems to really invigorate the kind of people who plan on voting for Donald Trump.

It kind of feels more or less hopeless; worse still is the fact that equally hideous person Ted Cruz continues to surge in the GOP polls. But hey—have we tried calling Donald Trump a bunch of names? Seems worth a shot.

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Clinton at a town hall, December 16. Photo via AP Images

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