CNN Calls Out Donald Trump On His Birther Bullshit


As ridiculous as Donald Trump’s claims may be regarding President Obama’s birth certificate and what his “hired investigators” are finding in Hawaii, the issue is just not dying down. So, in a two-episode series airing this week, AC360 is serving as a sort of by sending their own team of investigative reporters to Hawaii to speak to officials from the state health department, the school Obama’s mother attended, other families who were int he hospital the same time Obama was born, and two state officials who have actually seen the birth certificate in the state’s vault. In an interview with Donald Trump on last night’s episode, Cooper presented all of these findings—which, in fact, prove that President Obama was born in Hawaii—and wanted to know where Trump was getting his information to the contrary.

Trump, however, would not reveal his sources and instead turned to a different urban legend, this time insisting that Obama’s grandmother admitted that her grandson was born in Kenya. However, Cooper had the original phone call from which this rumor stemmed, and played it for Trump. Unbelievably, Trump refused to concede on this point. As one analyst on the show later told Cooper, “You keep making the mistake of making logical arguments.”

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