CNN Has Removed Asia Argento Episodes of Parts Unknown From CNN Go

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Following the recent New York Times report that Asia Argento paid a large settlement to actor Jimmy Bennett, who played her son in a 2004 movie and has accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was 17–which Argento denies–CNN Go has removed episodes involving Argento in Parts Unknown “until further notice.” The network confirmed in a statement that the decision was made based on the Times piece.

She was featured in episodes in Rome and Southern Italy and directed another in Hong Kong. They are still available on Netflix.

[Buzzfeed News]

Floyd Mayweather, who is most welcome to re-decorate my home or workplace any time, showered $50,000–110 pounds in ones!–all over Scores in New Jersey, littering the place with dollars–so many!–to the extent that the staff found “thousands of leftover bills” stuck to everything. I, too, prefer my rooms littered with money, and if he’s reading this, I really appreciate his sensibility.

[TMZ Sports]

Steve Harvey and Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay have concocted a wacky gambit to stay relevant in the sphere of daytime talk shows with a new segment for Steve.

It is………..

Dating–but on a plane!

But will it pay off? Even though they completely blew the surprise before the September 4th, season two premiere by describing the entire gimmick to People?

Sadly, probably, yeah.

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