"Colonial"-Themed Wedding Included Authentic All-Black Servant Staff


A tipster urged us to take a look at the wedding photos of Dave & Chantal, who got married in April 2010. The theme of the event? Colonial Africa. Wait, what?

The bride interpreted the “Out Of Africa” aesthetic with vintage accessories:

Antique travel chests, clocks, globes and binoculars and an awesome Zebra skin. Dave and Chantal did it right. They hired actual colonial pieces from a prop-house that we put them in touch with in Pretoria. It was truly authentic.

Yes, “truly authentic” in that an all-white crowd was waited on by an all-black staff of servants. Some of the images — like the large one above — are truly unsettling. The caption seems to be: Remember how great it used to be when our people oppressed brown people? Good times.

Before you rush to defend a bride’s right to celebrate her nuptials and the very concept of love in any way she chooses, consider this: The ceremony took place in Mpumalanga, South Africa. You know, South Africa, where there’s a history of Dutch and British infiltraton. Where colonists imposed foreced migration. Where segregation and apartheid tore people from their homelands. Isn’t history fun? Let’s pose with guns!

Dave & Chantal’s Colonial-Africa Wedding [We Love Pictures]

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